Declaration of the World Uranium Symposium 2015


Quebec City, Canada | April 16 2015

We, the signatories of this Declaration, including the participants of the World Uranium Symposium 2015, coming from 20 countries on five continents, having gathered in Quebec City, Canada, in April 2015:

Acknowledging that in 1943 Quebec City was the site where the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada entered into a formal cooperation agreement to develop the first atomic bombs, resulting in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945;

Respecting the moratorium imposed by the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee in Northern Quebec on all uranium-related activities on their lands; supporting the demand for a moratorium by the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, as well as the large consensus against uranium mining as expressed by the Inuit of Nunavik and over 300 municipalities and organizations across the province of Quebec;

Recognizing the growing awareness that nuclear power is not a cost-effective, timely, practical or safe response to climate change, and applauding the enormous expansion of the use of renewable energy and the significant strides made in recent years to phase out nuclear power;

Acknowledging the need for sustainable development and responsible environmental stewardship;

Recognizing the unique health, environmental and social dangers present at all stages of the nuclear chain, from the exploration, mining and milling of uranium, to nuclear power generation, the development of nuclear weapons and the storage of radioactive waste;

Recognizing that the risk of contamination resulting from the extraction, use and storage of radioactive substances presents a unique and grave threat to all living creatures, their environments and watersheds, transcending all political and geographic boundaries and enduring for eons to come;

Recognizing that there are stores of radioactive waste throughout the world that have not been effectively isolated;

Recognizing that there is compelling scientific evidence that there is no safe dose of exposure to radioactive emissions, and that even small doses can present health risks to miners and local populations, animals and plant life;

Recognizing that more must be done to understand, recognize and acknowledge the full scope and extent of all social, health and environmental short and long term impacts of uranium and nuclear-related activities on human life, wildlife and plant life;

Recognizing both that the technological development of nuclear energy opens the door to the development of nuclear weapons against which there is no effective protection, and that nuclear power generation facilities present a serious threat in and of themselves;

Insisting that nuclear regulating bodies be independent and work solely in the best interests of people, animals and plant life;

Recalling the tragedies at Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima Daiichi and many other places around the world;

Convinced that all non-military end-uses of uranium, including energy and medical uses, can be readily satisfied in an alternative manner;

Insisting that nuclear weapons and weapons using depleted uranium be criminalized and that all signatories be held accountable to the obligations set out in the Non-Proliferation Treaty;

Appalled by the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, alarmed by the maintenance and proliferation of nuclear arsenals, and convinced that the devastating consequences of nuclear detonations can be avoided only when all nuclear weapons and the systems that manufacture them have been eliminated;

Affirming that it is in the interest of the survival of humanity and of life on this planet that nuclear weapons are never used again, under any circumstances;

Recognizing that those most immediately affected by uranium and nuclear related activities often lack proper capacity and resources and that, as a result, such activities infringe their fundamental human rights to life and security of the person;

Affirming our commitment to the principles of sustainable and equitable development, and respect for the fundamental human rights of all individuals and peoples for all time;

Acknowledging that unique and irreplaceable cultures and landscapes have been and continue to be endangered by uranium and nuclear related activities;

Acknowledging that the world’s Indigenous Peoples have disproportionately borne the harmful burdens of the global uranium industry, nuclear activities (including nuclear weapons testing) and the dumping of radioactive waste;

Recalling that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples affirms the rights of the world’s Indigenous Peoples to self-determination, and to territorial, social and environmental integrity which includes free, prior and informed consent achieved through an independent, fair, transparent and impartial process, and recognizing that the survival and well-being of Indigenous Peoples depends on full respect for these fundamental and inalienable rights;

Determined to reduce the burden on future generations resulting from the extraction and use of radioactive substances;

Dedicating ourselves to a nuclear-free future;


  1. We reaffirm the Declaration of the World Uranium Hearing in Salzburg, Austria in 1992, of the Indigenous World Uranium Summit in Window Rock, Navajo Nation, USA in 2006, and of the IPPNW-World Conference in Basel, Switzerland in 2010:

Uranium and its associated radioactive substances must remain in their natural location.

  1. We demand a worldwide ban on uranium exploration, mining, milling and processing, as well as the reprocessing of nuclear waste, and the irresponsible management of radioactive waste;
  1. We call on all states, authorities and Peoples to recognize and respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples including the right to self-determination and to free prior and informed consent achieved through an independent, fair, transparent and impartial process, and to cease the pursuit of uranium- and nuclear-related activities on Indigenous Peoples’ lands in violation of these rights;
  1. We urge all states, authorities and Peoples to provide full, fair and equitable redress to all those harmed by uranium- and nuclear-related activities and to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions and failures;
  1. We demand that all states, authorities and Peoples phase out and eliminate nuclear power generation and use, and dedicate themselves to the development and use of intelligent energy services based on sustainable, safe and renewable energy resources;
  1. We call on all states, authorities and Peoples to strengthen their commitments to nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, to eliminate all existing nuclear weaponry, to cease any and all development of nuclear weapon technologies, and to support and advance a legal treaty to ban all nuclear weapons;
  1. We call on all states, authorities and Peoples to ensure that all existing radioactive products, material and structures from all phases of the nuclear weapons and power systems are secured and managed in accordance with the best and safest available technology for the people, animals and plant life.


Individual / Individuel

Kelley Prendergast - (Toronto, Canada)
Bernd Pittkunings - (Cottbus-Chóśebuz, Germany)
Charlotte Beer - (Kingston, Canada)
angela plesa - (Nottawa, Canada)
Rosmarie Nakanishi - (Tokyo, Japan )
peter dunn - (manchester, United Kingdom)
Rosa Stranzl - (Gleisdorf, Austria)
olga balado - (madrid, espagne)
Mary Lou Harley - (Port Williams, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Hannelore Clever - (Niederzissen, Deutschland)
Isabel Quero - (Alicanye, Spain)
Thomas Montiel Castro - (Hamburg, Germany)
Angelika Karbatsch - (Uffing a. Staffelsee, Germany)
Feedbefore - (Strasbourg, France)
Kevin G. O'Neill - Mr. (Scarsdale, United States)
oscar - (leganes (madrid), españa)
Shana Spiegel - Tennessee Women in Green (Franklin, USA)
Michael Forbes - iYoga=Iyengar-Yoga-Munich (München, Deutschland)
Clay Turnbull - (Townshend, United States)
Rebecca Lord - (Hill City, United States)
monique croteau - (victoriaville, canada)
julie lépine - (victoriaville, canada)
Ana Moreno Rojas - (Granada, España)
Christian Schmidt - (Hamburg, Germany)
Rosemary Field - (Brixham, United Kingdom)
Wolfgang Reitmeier - (Rüfenacht, Switzerland)
Emilysimmonds - (toronto, Canada)
Sheila Nabigon-Howlett - Kawartha Ploughshares (Peterborough, Canada)
Dominique Bernier - Coalition pour que le Québec ait meilleure mine (Québec, Canada)
Joy Warner - (Hamilton, Canada)
Donovan - Mr. (Vancouver, United States)
Birgit Tschammer - (Murnau, Germany)
Aino Blomqvist - Swedish antinuclear movement (Hammerdal, Sweden)
Vivienne Walz - (occupied Kanien’kehá:ka territories (Montreal), so called Canada)
Birgitt Stehr - ( Schongau, Germany)
Stefan Reich - (Murnau, Germany)
Franziska Rabl - (Munich, Germany)
Daschner Ulrike - (Seehausen, Deutschland)
Rudolf Hartelt - (Seehausen, Germany)
Py-Circan Etienne - (BERNIN, France)
erik simon - (remscheid, germany)
Claire Py-Circan - (Bernin, France)
Circan - (Bernin, France)
Payen Vigne Colette - 1945 (ST PIERRE D'ALLEVARD, France )
CADRE Martine - 1956 (BERNIN, FRANCE)
Rousset - (Bernin, France)
William Browett - (London, Canada)
Prairie Moser - (Bandon, United States)
Mary Hulse - (St. Catharines, Canada)
Anke Stumper - (Berlin, Germany)
Florian Laber - (Planegg vor München, Germany)
lars -eric bueb - (schull, ireland)
didion - (CHARD, France)
F. Riffet - (Toulouse, France)
Maury Dominique - (UZES, France)
Indira E Smith - (West Hollywood, USA)
Françoise Sauvé - (St-Bruno de Montarville, Canada)
OLLIVIER - (Cannes, France)
Pasnon - (Wasquehal, France)
Bernard Saulnier - (Saint-Bruno de Montarville, Canada)
Saintigny Cécile - (Belfort, France)
Angela Kuehnel - Frau (Québec, Canada)
Eva Kushner - Science for Peace (Toronto, Canada)
Dr Frank Boulton - (Southampton, United Kingdom)
Ulrich Martin Drescher - umd® (Kirchzarten, Germany)
Chareyron Bruno - (Valence, FRANCE)
James Parry - (Toronto, Canada)
Joerg-Thomas Schlüter - (Landshut, Germany)
Dr. Erika Czelenk - (Balassagyarmat, Hungary)
Joanne Laferriere - (Clementsvale, Canada)
Gilbert Bournival - (St-Étienne des Gres, Québec, Canada)
Caroline Young - (St-Etienne-des-Grès, Canada)
Emmanuelle Dubarle - (Pouembout, Nouvelle-Calédonie)
Don Hyde - (Gallup, USA)
Leslie Rivers-Garrett - (Killaloe, ON, Canada)
cecilia graziano - (Vacarisses, españa)
prin olivier - (penvénan, France)
David solana - (Bilbao, spain)
Violette - (Saint Brieuc, France)
Vickie Freer - (Santa Margarita, California USA )
Lasterade Jeannick - (Ruca, France)
Jose Blanco - (Zaragoza, Spain)
Saturnino Barbé Furió - (Fraga, Spain)
Daniela - (Murcia, España)
Peter McLarty - (Sault Ste Marie, Canada)
ROSA MARIA CRESPO SOLA - Freelance consultant (MURCIA, España)
Jesús Torá Trigueros - (Callosa de Segura, Spain)
Pat Culleny - (Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, United States)
manuel moragues - (valencia, españa)
Shirley Birney - (Perth , Australia)
Carole Hisasue - (California, USA)
Rev. Jim Nielsen - (San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo )
asuncion torres gosalvez - (El Campello, España)
Annie - (Plouneour menez , France)
Jane Touzeau - (Melbourne , Australia)
Lucas Carlow - (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Margaret Fertschneider - (Atascadero CA, United States)
Michael Eggleston - (Los Osos, USA)
Natalie Amram - (Paris, France)
Carmen Navarro Sánchez - (Alicante, Spain)
Lechaux - (Lannion, France)
Visitación Martínez Sevillano - (Soria, España)
Joan Manuel Gomis - (Alicante, España)
David Gee - (London, United Kingdom)
Richard Beaumont - (San Miguel, United States)
Paul F. Wilkinson - (Los Gatos, US)
Israel Morales - (Alacant, Estado español)
Shoshanna Mashiach - (Williams, United States)
Mark Schecter - (Cayucos, United States)
Chantal Bérubé - (Laval, Canada)
Dita Škalič - (Moravske Toplice, Slovenia)
LuanneGriguoli - (Pismo Beach, USA)
Marinus Paul (Rien) Achterberg - (Waiheke Island, New Zealand)
Josephine Laing - (San Luis Obispo, U.S.A.)
David Broadwater - (Atascadero, United States)
Henriette Groot - (Los Osos, USA)
Thomas Rippner - (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Oliver mellan - VIDEOWAYS (San Francisco, United States)
Elizabeth Morgan Tyler - (Charlottesville, USA)
josep joaquim uñac ruíz - (alacant, espanya)
betty winholtz - (morro bay, united states)
Lutz Eppinger - (Kirchberg, Germany)
Milton Carrigan - (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Connie Blair - (Seattle, The United States of America)
Eric Moore - (Pismo Beach, United States)
McGee - (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Leslie Kasanoff - (Los Osos , United States)
Georgi - (Shell Beach, USA)
Sharon Rippner - (San Luis Obispo, United States)
D. Smith - (Paso Robles, United States)
Sandra A. Rakestraw - (Atascadero, CA, United States)
Marcy Israel - (San Francisco, United States)
Beverly Cohen - Ms. (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Elizabeth Bettenhausen - (Cambria, United States of America)
Jean Greensfelder - (San Luis Obispo, USA)
Marilyn Brown - Mothers for Peace (Atascadero, United States of America)
Pamela B. Stein - Ms. (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Torgen Johnson - Samuel Lawrence Foundation (Solana Beach, USA)
Sheila Baker - (Petaluma, United States)
Minea Herwitz - Radiation Filters (Pacifica, United States)
Abram S. Perlstein - (Los Osos, United States)
Terre Dunivant - (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Vita Miller - (Los Osos, U.S.A.)
Courtney Coleman - (Los Osos, CA, USA)
Gina Mori - Ms. (ARROYO GRANDE, United States)
M. Elizabeth Jones - (Santa Barbara, United States)
Craig Nuttycombe - (San Luis Obispo, USA)
Adrianne Davis - (Santa Barbara, USA)
Lisa Zure - (San Anselmo , United States of America)
Christine Mulholland - (San Luis Obispo, USA)
Donna Gilmore - (San Clemente, USA)
Ingrid Gutierrez - (pomona, United States)
Rosemary Wilvert - Mrs. (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Gregory Odom - California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo, United States)
Emmanuela Raquelle - (Boulder Creek, United States)
Vicki Leon - (Morro Bay, California, United States of America)
Linda Seeley - San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace (San Luis Obispo, USA)
jose - (paterna del campo, españa)
Barbara Kabloona - (Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada)
Margarete Hatami - (Krumbach, Deutschland)
Rodney Knudson - (Hulett, United States)
Tomi Puhakka - (Kajaani, Finland)
fernando polo eias - (Sevilla, España)
JOSE MANUEL FONT - (Madrid, España)
Sat Khalsa - (Toronto, Canada)
Karen Buck - (Toronto, Canada)
Ellen McConnell - Ms. (Sayreville, United States)
John Metcalf - (Ridgway, United States)
DUBRULLE Mark - Club of Rome EU Chapter (Hastière-par-delà, Belgium)
a. lurie - (new york, usa)
Rita Wong - (Vancouver, Canada)
ana fernandez - Mrs. (madrid, España)
Jonathan Bishop - (Davenport, USA)
José Javier Labata Calvo - (Huesca, España)
Daniel Perez Creus - (Nguekhokh, Senegal)
Alexander Buschenreiter - (Bad Mitterndorf, AUSTRIA)
Joyce Mayer - Ernst Friedrich Schumacher Gesellschaft (Munich, Germany)
Ian Ingram - (detroit, United states)
Jesús Abad - Dr. (Madrid, España)
Fred Harrison - (Portage Vale, Canada)
Beth Powning - (Markhamville, Canada)
Rachel Connell - (Toronto, Canada)
Katie FitzRandolph - (Fredericton, Canada)
robert Raven - (Novato, USA)
David BeaudinC - (Rothesay, Canada)
Brian Hoppe - (Seattle, USA)
Alan Bixler - (Sandia Park, United States)
Mariko Hayashi - (Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany)
Erik Roth - (Minneapolis, USA)
Juan Manuel Hidalgo - (Cádiz, España)
Olivier Pitchandikulam - (Montréal, Canada)
Adriana Radu - Greenpeace Romania (Bucarest, Romania)
heidi jones - n.a (San Diego, USA)
Pamela Law - (16a Trimmer Tce Papatoetoe Auckland, New Zealand)
jose manuel ortiz hernandez - ecologistas en accion (madrid, españa)
Elena González Mesa - (Madrid, España)
Enrique López Sánchez - (Madrid, Espagne)
david g-solana - (bilbao, spain)
Michael Main - (Simcoe, Canada)
susan michetti - (mt horeb, united states)
peter karl ladage - (midland, canada)
RUBÉN - (Barcelona, España)
Jodi Cardoza - ( Chatham, USA)
morgenthaler christina - (Pratval, schweiz)
Maria Kasstan - (Toronto, Canada)
esperanza guerra jiménez - (malpartida de cáceres, españa)
María Josefina Serrano - (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Debra Hatton - (Lucena del Cid, Spain)
Turiya - (Auroville, India)
Paula Simaldone - (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
William Shore - (Sutton, Canada)
Maria Meseguer - (Murcia, España)
Ylenia - (Baleares, España)
Arnie Ngai - (Brooklyn, United States)
miguel rodriguez - (santa cruz de tenerife, españa)
Cie Sharp - Sharp Realty LLC (Huntington Station, United States of America)
Martyn Lowe - (Liverpool , UK)
Sergi Alejos Hernández - (Xilxes, España)
Rocio Ordoñez Sanchez - (Alicante, España)
ernesst navarro - (sant julia de loria, andorra)
Elfo - (roma, italia)
Patricia Waitz - (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
manuela de castro - (Villamayor Salamanca, España)
Luis González - (Salteras, España)
Stephen Fry - (Bordentown, USA)
Antonio Santos Febrero - (La Linea de la Concepción, España)
Marc Rambla - (Terrassa, Espanya)
Graciela Ester Gómez - (La Rioja, Argentina)
Bernardo - Yanez (Brighton, U.K.)
waka imamichi - (New York, USA)
Pablo Montoto - (Madrid, Spain)
Roberto Abela Serra - (Felanitx, spain)
Leblois-Baume Nicole - (Saint-Imier, Switzerland)
ana maria calafat rogers - illes solidàries amb el sud (valldemossa, españa)
Maria Castella Bosch - (Barcelona, Spain)
Madelyn Hoffman - (Flanders, United States)
Sonia Izquierdo - (Madrid, España)
Roberto Antonio Cuenca Espetón - hombre libre (Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain)
Alicia Fernández Gómez - (Langreo, Estado español)
Maria del Mar Mir - (Sevilla, España)
SHAWN ISERHOFF - (Mistissini, Canada)
Akiko Nishijima - (Woodside, United States)
Ivan Ortuzar Tellaeche - Ekologistak Martxan-Ecologistas en Acción (Bilbao, Spain)
Linda Cubitoso - (Belleville, NJ, USA)
Donald Leich - New Jersey Peace Action (Montclair, United States)
Mika Yoshioka - (Kobe, Japan)
Reiko Tatsumi - (Fujioka, Japan)
Anneke Hendrikx - (Breda, Netherlands)
Hollard - (Saint Péray, France)
Maussan - (Nizerolles, France)
Ellen Hutto - (Paonia, United States of America)
Mayumi Lehr - (Bloomfield, USA)
Andrea Lynn Dastoli - (South Dartmouth, USA)
Yasuyo Tanaka - (New York, USA)
Yukio Kashiwagi - (Yokohama, Japan)
George Cho - (New York, USA)
Alberto Mayor Brahona - (Guadalajara, Spain)
Ayumi Temlock - NJ Peace Action (Bloomfield, USA)
Lehmann Pierre & Yvonne - (Chernex, Switzerland)
Helena Paul - (London, UK)
Hermann Graf Hatzfeldt - (Friesenhagen, Deutschland)
dausse - (montpellier, france)
STREICHER, Berthold - (Weisweil, Allemagne)

Organization / Organisation

Mamadou Diallo - Action Solidarite Falea 21 ( ASFA 21) (Bamako, Mali)
Margaret Lewis - Quill Plains Chapter, Council of Canadians (Theodore, Canada)
Maria Arvaniti Sotiropoulou - Greek affiliate of IPPNW (Pireas , Greece )
Sarah Fields - Uranium Watch (Moab, USA)
Robert Croonquist/Kathleen Sullivan - Youth Arts New York (New York City, USA)
Jane Swanson - San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace (San Luis Obispo, United States of America)
Lizabeth Rogers - Rogers Entertainment Group (Salem, United States)
Junko Abe - Ikata People Against MOX (Matsuyama, Japan)
Michele Flom - Mothers For Peace (San Luis Obispo, U.S.A.)
Thomas W. Neuhaus - Project Hope and Fairness (San Luis Obispo, USA)
Tom Campbell - Guacamole FUND (Hermosa Beach, CA, United States of America)
Herb Moyer, President - Seacoast Anti-Pollution League (Portsmouth, United States)
Manuel Ludueña - Buenos Aires Sostenible (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Julia Bohnert - Platform Against Nuclear Dangers (PLAGE) Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria)
Izabella Marengo - Artistes Pour la Paix (Montréal, Canada)
John R Naugle - Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) (Atlanta City of Peace, USA)
Renée Schulz - E.F.Schumacher Gesellschaft für Politische Ökologie e.V. (Munich, Germany)
Ong AFRICANDO - (Ingenio, Spain)
Rosemarie Filhol - E.F. Schumacher Gesellschaft e.V. (Munich, Germany)
Runkel Jürgen - recotrol GmbH (Weiterstadt, Germany)
Faye More, Chair - Port Hope Community Health Concerns Committee (Port Hope, Canada)
José Manuel Franco Ibáñez - Ecologistas en Acción de Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, España)
Maria Maybee - People Living along Banks of Cattaraugus Creek (Irving, USA)
michael horse - idle no more sf bay (san pablo , united states)
Maki Sato - JIM-NET (Tokyo, Japan)